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Sacrum #4
2014/2015, Etching on BKF Rives
paper size: 64 x 48 cm
image size: 52 x 33 cm,
Edition of 20

'The series of etchings show the triangular bone that is situated at the lowest point of
our spine. Zooming in while ‘walking’ around in the landscape of the bone that resides
so deep inside us, Van Loon shows us the invisible. But there is more to it. If we realise
that the word sacrum is translated from Latin as ‘sacred bone’, and stems from the
the belief that the soul resides in it,...'

Fleur van Muiswinkel in the artist publication So Are We To The Trees, Erica van Loon, 2015

https://ericavanloon.nl:443/files/gimgs/th-11_Erica van Loon_Sacrum4_web.jpg